Don’t Faint

Don’t Faint

just don’t faint

I remember being so inundated with an issue on operational reports.

Had the worse headache. My eyes were blurry. My body was so tired. I felt nauseous. The bottom of my feet even hurt. Wasn’t even sure if I would be able to walk out of the building to my car. I felt like fainting.

I was in managers office inundated with an operational error on a report.

Little hollow knocks hit my door. Squeaky little voices screamed my name. They would not stop knocking. Opened the door to look for an adult in charge of this disturbance. They bum rushed me! Hugging, Kissing, Poking, Tickling me. It was like they were on assignment — these warm hugs & innocent loves were like an infusion to my soul … my whole person felt better. My tasks ended up completed. And, I did not quit nor faint.

I struggled with this post. Had it T’d it up. Wanted to name it several different things but FELT the Lord laid upon my heart to entitle it, “DONT FAINT!” — I vacillated…

just moments ago, my pastor sent a text to the church with the same message …so hear it is.

just don’t faint‼️

things getting tough… listen for God’s little whispers ( N midst of chaos & uncertainty). Open the door of your heart. Embrace His LOVE ❤️

Men and women should always pray 🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏽 and never give up❕


📷: Manager’s Office with kids – Don’t give up

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