About Ronnette Virginia Smith


Ronnette grew up in middle America. Religion always played an influential role. Beginning with early childhood, she attended religious schools which spanned from Seven Day Adventist pre-school, through Catholic middle school, a Methodist undergraduate to an interdenominational graduate school. A product of a divorced home, she changed schools frequently and experienced many childhood conflicts which made community involvement and church activities crucial to social and character development. Early on, she had a thirst for excitement which led to storytelling. She embraced her creativity by writing poems and inspirational pieces for church and community events. These activities along with leadership roles were well peppered through her formative years. During that time of development and uncertainty, she also wrote feisty flirty thoughts. Her poetic expressions touched on the feisty, radical and inspirational finally settling on writings fueled by faith. Her mother always challenged her to examine self, cling to truth and write about things deeper than common feelings.

Like most young adults, college served as a rudder in her life. Attending a historically black college grounded Ronnette academically and built tremendous confidence. In college, she joined the college newspaper as a contributing writer and engaged with the N.A.A.C.P as chair of the community and political action committee. She also joined the gospel choir and became involved in a campus ministry, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. There she participated in and led small and large group bible studies. She knew well of religious activities from childhood and spiritual inclinations.  Even so, it was during her college matriculation, and early years after graduation, she developed an earnest hunger for a deeper relationship with Christ.

Like many children, Ronnette knew her birth was never planned. Yet, it thrilled her to find a note from her father in a birth book.


It read, “my greatest prayer is that you would become a Christian.”


She found this note after going through a challenging time as a young woman and was greatly encouraged by it.  By that time, she was well into a corporate career and viewed her work as opportunity to walk out her faith.  She also was involved in church activities, bible studies, participated and led in intercessory prayer teams.

Ronnette began her corporate career, working for one of the world’s top communications companies and established herself as a team builder with ability to inspire and develop employees. Later, she led the Fortune 1 retailer national outreach to diverse communities, engaging influencers and emerging leaders cross sector and cultural barriers. Over the course of her career, Ronnette has held member and board affiliations with local and national organizations.  All her work accomplishments have been guided by her faith in God, grace and ability to inspire.


Ronnette is certified to train professionals and influences consultative collaborations by Breakthrough Action Leadership Principles – Self Reflection, Self Responsibility & Creating Collective Leadership. Her intention her with poetry and prose writing is to invoke the same level of breakthrough or release for spiritual seekers and Christians.

Formal Education

She holds a Masters in Science in Leadership & Ethics (MSLE) from John Brown University, and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with a minor in Public Relations (BA) – Clark Atlanta University. She is a native Nebraskan and lives in Atlanta.


Autumn: The Mantle Lifted is Ronnette’s first published collection of poetry and prose. Released September 2018, and is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IUniverse, and www.themantlelifted.com